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Here's the latest buzz about Grace Childcare Center...

My daughter is currently a freshman in college studying elementary/special education and is now working in an elemenarty school. Today she read one of her favorite books to the students, "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn. The first time she became aware of this book was at Grace Pre-school back in 1995! Thank you for making a positive, lasting impression on my daughter and know that you planted the seeds for her future!

Liz Zadrovicz

Grace has meant so much to us over the years with two of our children going through the program. They learned the basics which has prepared them well for kindergarten but also learned many other life skills that they will need such as sharing and caring for others. I would recommend Grace Childcare to anyone needing a preschool program for their little ones. It was nothing less than a wonderful experience for our whole family.

K. T.

Our twins daughters are finishing first grade now after attending Grace Childcare's Threes and Fours classes as well as Grace's Summer Camp for a couple years. They are blossoming at the top of their classes in reading and math, and have loads of friends!

Our experience with Grace Childcare is nothing but exceptional. The teachers are warm, kind, fun, and very well-trained. The play-based program is exactly what the girls needed to give them the opportunity to learn SO much, and also enjoy the best parts of just being a kid!

Some of our friends felt a more "academic" program would better prepare the girls for the new "rigors" of Kindergarten and beyond, but for us, we see the opposite. This program has allowed our girls to enjoy learning and really come to love the structure and socialization of school.

Our third daughter, who is almost 4, now takes part in Grace's Full-Day program. If you can believe it, our experience has gotten even better! Grace Childcare Center has been a haven for our kids and their imaginations, with beautiful classrooms, and a great outdoor space to play. Thank you!

Elizabeth H.

Our family has been so pleased with the Grace Childcare Center for over two years now! Each morning when I bring our four year old son to attend a full day he goes running in and immediately engages in play. The teachers are always full of smiles and hellos, especially each time Seth enters the building. The classroom is always bright, clean, and ready with centers. One can tell the theme immediately when they walk in from the displayed story of the day, to the little pieces of art or games sitting near. Each table has an activity whether it be painting, crafts, puzzles, etc. We love the large outdoor play area with the myriad of jungle gyms, bicycles, “big” scooters, sand box, rock climber, and now their newly planted garden of peas. What I love the most is when I come to pick him up after a long day, and I always, each time, am impressed to see the kids sitting so cooperatively side by side involved in floor time play. He’s always so proud to show me his latest lego or block building and knows the routine when it’s time to go home. I now have my three year old daughter there and look forward to a couple more years with Grace.

Kara Flockhart

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